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“He (Ralph) will drive it until the end but he’ll never let his pride overtake it,” Saturday said. “He knew what my wife and I wanted and he’ll never let his pride get in the way. He didn’t care that he wasn’t the last guy on the phone call. He was happy for us. He said, ‘I think it’s a fair deal, if Bill is giving you his word, it’s good, he has never gone back on a deal.’”

And I meant that, one of the highest compliments that I can ever pay Polian. He always kept his word. Always.

Jeff signed a six-year deal that kept him in place as Manning’s center, and the Colts won a Super Bowl in 2006. Manning and Saturday eventually set an NFL record with 172 games together as quarterback and center, breaking a streak that was previously held by one of my other clients, Kent Hull, and his quarterback Jim Kelly in Buffalo.

Excerpt from NFL Brawler regarding Jeff Saturday



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“Ralph Cindrich is the ultimate football insider—fans will be fighting to see who can be first to read his book. I look forward to interviewing him on air when it comes out.”

—John Clayton, ESPN and

‘In my 40-plus years of sports coverage, I would place Ralph Cindrich at the top of my most memorable power brokers. Ralph was respected, feared and reviled by NFL GMs who reluctantly stepped into the ring with a guy they knew could not be intimidated, who was a savvy, tenacious negotiator and a master manipulator of the media….’

—Chris Mortensen, ESPN NFL Senior Insider

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